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Going through a divorce is already complicated enough, and the added stress of fighting over who gets to keep the house, car, and other shared assets doesn’t make it any easier. The best case scenario is both you and your spouse coming to an agreement regarding the property on your own; but when this isn’t possible, you can file a claim for equitable distribution in which the court can intervene.

Whether you and your spouse are able to agree on a property settlement by determining the division of assets and debts yourselves or one of you files a claim for equitable distribution, a divorce attorney skilled in property division can act as your attorney. The experienced property division lawyers at Harbinson, Brzykcy & Corbett, LLP can listen to your goals, evaluate your unique situation, and provide you with personalized legal counsel.

If you are considering a divorce and have questions, call our Statesville property division lawyers today at (704) 766-8821.

North Carolina Property Laws

In North Carolina, both the debt and property acquired during the course of a marriage should be divided according to the process of equitable distribution, meaning that this distribution should be fair, but it does not necessarily mean equal. A judge puts a couple’s assets through a three-step process in order to determine what constitutes as fair. The first step is identification and classification, the next is valuation, and the final step is the judge’s ruling on distribution.

The assets considered by a judge when determining property division include, but is not limited to:

  • The home
  • Vehicles
  • Any vacation homes or properties
  • Family businesses
  • Retirement funds
  • Consumer and mortgage debt

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It is important to have a qualified Statesville property division lawyer by your side during divorce negotiations in order to ensure you are receiving knowledgeable representation and do not end up with less than you are rightfully entitled to. The divorce lawyers at Harbinson, Brzykcy & Corbett, LLP can help find solutions to your property division issues so that you can focus on moving forward with your life.

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