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The emotional component of determining child custody after a divorce can be understandably intense. Each parent wants as much say over their children’s lives as possible, so finding a solution that works for both parties presents a unique challenge. In North Carolina, a parent may assume sole legal custody, physical custody, or visitation rights, or both parents can retain joint legal custody.

Whether parents agree to a child custody agreement out of court or are battling each other for custody, a skilled child custody lawyer may be needed to advise you of your rights and protections under North Carolina’s child custody laws and help secure the most appropriate arrangement for you and your children. Our Statesville child custody attorneys at Harbinson, Brzykcy & Corbett, LLP have the experience necessary to help meet our clients’ custody goals.

If you need help with determining custody of your children after a divorce, contact us today at (704) 766-8821.

Child Custody in North Carolina

When a parenting agreement is not reached privately through the process of mediation, a Statesville child custody lawyer can represent you in a contested child custody case by presenting evidence and arguing that you deserve the custody you seek.

The factors that the court will analyze to determine child custody include:

  • The availably of the parents to the child
  • The economic statuses of both parents
  • The home environments of each parent
  • The mental, physical, and emotional state of both parents
  • The preference of the child

Let Us Help You Reach Your Custody Goals

Child custody arrangements can be a challenging determination to make, but you do not have to go it alone. At Harbinson, Brzykcy & Corbett, LLP, we are compassionate towards our clients in these situations, which is why our child custody lawyers are determined to listen to your needs and work to find the best solution for both you and your children.

Call Harbinson, Brzykcy & Corbett, LLP at (704) 766-8821 to set up aconsultationwith our child custody attorneys in Statesville.

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